Coraline and Back in Action

Hi guys!

I just want to apologize for the lack of posts/art the last few months. I had a death in the family and just lost the will to draw.

But I'm feeling better now and my life is beginning to settle, so I want to announce a couple things.

1) I'm still working with Lionsgate, so look out for giveaways that will be announced here and on my social media.

2) The website is going to be completely redone, so things may look wonky for the next few weeks as I piece it together. If something is not working, feel free to let me know at

3) I am going to start a weekly comic (!) as soon as the new site launches so look out for that.

4) The shop is also going to be completely made over, as I haven't updated it in ages.

5) I've started signing art with just my logo. It looks cleaner. If you see this:

It was drawn by me.

6) I am currently sick and it's pouring rain, so I did a nice ink and watercolor Coraline for you all.

I'm excited to get back in action, thank you for the support!

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