What's In My Bag: A Basic To-Go Supply List

I have a lot of art supplies. Like, A LOT. But here is what I carry day-to-day:


These are my two favorite sketchbooks. I use the Moleskine for more practice, on-the-go sketches and the Canson is my favorite paper to really draw on, since it's mix media. 

Depending on what I bag I bring, I usually have both with me. 

I also love tiny pocket sketchbooks/notebooks for smaller bags or just to thumbnail or jot down quick ideas. This Alice in Wonderland one is my current favorite.

Pencil/Pen Cases:

This is my favorite pencil case, because it's not only cute, but it lies flat and it's a decent size. I always have this with me.

This is my larger pencil case for when I need to bring more supplies - different size pens, a small watercolor palette, brushes, etc.

I recommend always have two cases ready to go: a small one for every day use, and a bigger one for when you need more supplies. I leave certain products in each one so that I can grab them in a hurry and I always know what is in them.


Oh, how I love these pens. We've talked about this a few times - because they are my ~go-to~ for inking. I adore them. These are in my small pencil case always. 

Pentel brush pens are the best for thicker lines. They are also refillable. They require getting used to and a lot of control, but they are awesome and a have-to-have inker. 

I always have a couple white gel pens in my bag. These are life saver if you need to put a highlight back in if you've over-inked. I also love them for highlighting toned paper.

I love Sharpies, especially for filling in large areas. These extra fine points are way thicker and release more ink than the Microns, but give you quite a bit of control. I always have a couple on hand.

I also always have regular Sharpies for covering large ink areas quickly.

I always have some ballpoint pens on me as well. I use them for my planner, for sketching, and for everything else. 


This is the perfect little to-go pencil set. These pencils are high quality and you want them in a range of lead softness. These include H's - B's with a nice variety. It even comes with an eraser and sharpener!

These are the erasers I actually use. They are soft, don't rip paper, and when they get worn down, they're easy to cut or rip for a sharp edge again.

These are my other go-to erasers. Kneaded erasers are awesome because you can press them onto delicate paper and lift the pigment out without wearing down any of the paper texture. You also can clean them simply by pulling them apart like clay. It's an artist necessity.

A true artist knows that it's better to sharpen your pencils with an X-acto than just to use a sharpener. I keep this in my big pencil case, but if you're doing a lot of pencil work, I recommend it. You do it so you can expose more lead on the pencil, meaning cleaner drawing and faster work. Also, regular pencil sharpeners risk breaking the lead inside the pencil, meaning you'll constantly have to stop and resharpen. This can also happen from dropping your pencils, so treat them carefully. Watch how to sharpen pencils like an artist here. 

I rarely bring color with me on the go (whoops) but if I do, I like Prismacolor pencils. They are soft, buttery, and blend really well. I like this little set for travel but they have some giant kits if you need a huge range of color.


This is the cutest pocket-size watercolor set ever. I love this for quick, on the go watercolor work. It even comes with a tiny brush! Winsor Newton is my favorite brand for watercolor. Find my at-home setup here: Quentin Blake Inspired DIY Watercolor Palette

These are to-go water brushes and they are awesome. Not only are they perfect for the watercolor kit above, you can also use them with your Pentel brushes to water down the ink. You just fill them with water and they have an easy to use brush tip.

That is pretty much it for what I carry on a regular basis. Happy drawing!

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