Life Update

Hey, so I have something to tell you. I've said that a lot this month.

I have breast cancer. I found a lump and it came back as cancer. I knew I was a high risk for breast cancer in my lifetime (an 85% chance) because I have the BRCA mutation. It's what Angelina Jolie has and why she voluntarily got a double mastectomy.

I have my first surgery tomorrow and I'll know more after that. I wanted to let you know, mostly because I'm sick of telling people, but also, because I have to take a break from work and art for a while. I really appreciate all the support you guys give me for all my work, and I hope that you'll still be around when I can get back to it. 

So, as I sit here with my pink chicken cutlet ice pack (it was given complimentary with my first biopsy), waiting for surgery, and preparing for the next steps, I just want to remind you to check your breasts, do your annual exams, and get anything weird checked out even if it's "nothing". They almost didn't even biopsy mine, which means it could have been discovered too late. I'm so grateful to have such amazing friends helping me out, particularly Dani, Jill, and Adrienne, who all dropped everything to help me with appointments and surgery. Thank you everyone for your love and support. I'll keep you posted. 

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